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Homemade food and Desserts, Everything made fresh daily

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Get a taste of what Italy and other international cultures have to offer. Explore our menu that offers unique selection.


Experience the homemade goodness of each of our dishes and desserts that are made fresh daily. Find your new favorite on our full lunch or dinner menu.

Try our freshly made authentic foods

Learn more about our restaurant

Invite guests to enjoy our unique menu at

your next gathering when you let us host

your banquet or small party.


Your guests will love our convenient

parking and location. Banquet size is limited

and only available Sunday, Monday, and

Tuesday, so hurry and book your spot today!

Enjoy group dining and banquets

Schedule your banquet meal

Enjoy a unique and relaxed dining experience at our family-owned and operated café.


Find friendly service and high-quality food that will keep you coming back. We even have a drive-up window for easy service.


Carry home a sweet treat today!

Receive quality food and service

Find our location

Get an extraordinary dining experience with our homemade dishes prepared each day. Don't worry about getting you and the kids cleaned up. Come as you are to our laid-back family restaurant or simply drop by our drive-up window!


Find Italian and international cuisine

Enjoy dining in a relaxed environment and surprise your

taste buds with the delicious and unique dishes our restaurant

freshly prepares everyday.

Tantalize your taste buds by trying something new today! Call us or

visit our convenient location.


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